Why You Should Take A Hot Spring Trip To Costa Rica

Why You Should Take A Hot Spring Trip To Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful Central American country with lots of ecotourism sites that brings a lot of tourists to the country. This country will leave you coming back for more fun memories given its beautiful landscapes and lush nature parks.

Costa Rica which translates as “Rich Coast” is indeed a rich coast with the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea adding more beauty to this great country. Costa Rica stands as one of the most visited countries in Central America, having millions of tourists visiting its rich tropical sites and beautiful nature gift


  • Plan Your Trip

Going to a new country either for a short term or a long term requires that you make the necessary plans and arrangements so that you don’t encounter any problems while abroad. Costa Rica is not an exception; it is expected that you plan in accordance with your budget. Below are some of the requirements you are expected to meet before going to Costa Rica.

  • Have a valid visa and proof of return ticket to your home country once your stay in the country is over.
  • A proof of COVID-19 vaccination and a medical report that shows you are COVID-19 negative.
  • Bank statement/proof of fund to show that you provide for yourself while in the country.
  • A health pass upon 72 hours of your arrival into the country.


  • Best Hot Springs To Visit In Costa Rica

Spending quality time in hot springs is good for wholesome relaxation and health improvement. Taking a trip to Costa Rica to enjoy its hot springs can help younger good-looking skin and improve health while providing you with the best views and tons of fun activities.

There are quite some lovely places tourists and visitors should endeavor to explore while in Costa Rica. The Majestic Arenal is one lovely place to visit with its fascinating volcano attraction and wonderful springs.

The Tenorio Volcano with its thermal springs, rivers, lagoons, and waterfall that are very soothing to the body, and the Miravalles Volcano is characterized by its wonderful atmosphere that tends to set the mind of its visitors at peace while providing them with excellent nature view are some of the beautiful places in the country visitors should endeavor to explore.


  • The Springs and Resorts

This resort is located in the Arenal Volcano region having three mineral hot springs with picturesque rainforest patches that are appealing to visitors. What greater feeling is there than having a lovely relaxation in the spring while exposed to mind-blowing views at the same time.

  • Perdido Springs: this resort has pools with a temperature range of 33°C to 40°C and is open from 10 am to 10 pm daily
  • Las Laguna’s Pools: this resort has 12 pools out of which 8 are dependent on the hot mineral springs. It stays open from 10 am to 10 pm daily.
  • Club Rio Springs: this is a lovely resort to visit as it borders the river and provides visitors with wonderful spots for sightseeing. It stays open from 10 am to 4 pm.


  • Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa

Tabacon Thermal Resort has the highest network of natural thermal springs in Costa Rica. It is located in the Arenal spot with amazing thermal waterfalls which are hydrotherapeutic.

You can get a full day of fun and exotic views with lunch and dinners catered for in this resort for just $110 per adult and $42 per child. The spring is open from 10 am to 10 pm.


  • Eco Termales Hot Springs

This resort holds an amazing view of the Arenal Volcano. It is considered the only true natural hot spring in the region. Guests get to enjoy its pools at an amazing temperature range of 32°C to 42°C. There is also a hydro-massage package for guests.

Entrance to this resort is in batches and on schedule – 9 am to 4 pm and 4 pm to 9:40 pm. For extra packages like dinner or lunch while in the resort, you will be required to pay $72, otherwise entrance fee is $44.


  • Titoku Hot Springs 

Titoku Hot Springs is ideal for couples and lovers who want to grow more intimate. The calm environment and beautiful views give the resort a romantic aura that is suited for lovers. This resort runs from 10 am to 8 pm daily.


  • Paradise Hot Springs 

Just as the name suggests, this resort is filled with lots of fun experiences. Paradise Hot Springs is highly recommended for rest and wholesome relaxation.

This resort has 8 thermal springs with other fun activities like taking a quick swim in the Jacuzzi or enjoying a soothing hydromassage. Daily costs in this resort can range from $30 to $150 for adults and $20 to $30 for children.


  • Rio Perdido

This beautiful resort is situated in Guanacaste having a unique atmosphere and beautiful forest view. The springs in this resort are heated by the Miravalles volcano and its thermal spring has a unique water setting, with the water being cold upstream and warm downstream. You can get a volcanic mud treatment while in this resort. It is very healthy.


  • Borinquen Mountain Resort 

The Borinquen Resort has quite some amazing packages to offer. Located in the Rincon de la Viega mountain region. Some amazing packages in this resort include volcanic mud treatment, a treat to amazing forest views and a swim in the hot springs fed pools.

You can never get enough of the beautiful sites in Costa Rica. Make up your mind today and enjoy the beauty that awaits you in this beautiful Central American country.

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