Traditional American Dishes You Need To Try

Traditional American Dishes You Need To Try

Very often when people talk about American cuisines, they are quick to point out classic foods such as Burgers, Fried Chicken and Chips, Hot Dogs, Pancakes, and many more. The fact remains that many of the foods, like many other things American originally came from other countries. Notable countries of influence on the American cuisines include the Germans, British, Italian, Dutch, French, and the Caribbeans. These foreign foods have over the years grown to become traditional American foods. Below are some of the recognizable traditional American foods.


Buffalo Chicken Wings

Buffalo chicken wing is a popular American food that can be found in various bars throughout the country. It was first created in the 1960s and was originally served in Anchor Bar, Buffalo, New York. This delicious meal consisting of fried chicken wings dipped in Cayenne-vinegar hot, commonly known as buffalo sauce has since become an iconic food in the US.


  • Tater Tots

Tater tot is a lovely American food, although similar to the French fries but with a slight variation. This meal consists of grated potato mini-balls shaped in a cylindrical form and fried till a crispy exterior is achieved. Tater tots are very common in fast food joints and diners across the country.


  • Hot Dogs

The hot dog is an iconic American food. You can be American enough without having a taste of the hot dog. Originally invented by the German, Charles Feltman, who during his food service thought it wise to serve German sausage using buns to save plates. The meal soon became a national food when the Polish, Nathan Handwerker made some modifications to the meal.

There are several hot dog variants across the country. The most popular being the New York style and the Chicago style


  • Apple Pie

The Apple pie is a delicious meal very common among Americans. It was originally introduced by Dutch and British immigrants. The meal has since become a staple in the country. Apple pies are best enjoyed when served with vanilla ice cream.


  • Barbecue Ribs

Barbecuing is an American traditional food preparation style that has evolved into an art over the years. There are different styles involved in the art with people taking their takes on what suits them. Some popular variants include the Kansas City’s Heart Offering, Memphis Wet Ribs, and the North Carolina’s Vinegar Base. This is one meal that Americans are very passionate about.


  • Reuben Sandwich

This classic meal with uncertainty as to who originally introduced it to the Americans stands as a staple in America. Some might argue that it was introduced by Reuben Kulakosfy, in Nebraska, a grocer living in the city at the time. Others might say it was invented as early as 1914 by the German, Arnold Reuben, who once owned the Reuben Delicatessen in New York. Regardless of this uncertainty, the delicious meal of corned beef, swiss cheese, and Sauerkraut has grown to become an iconic meal in the US.


  • Biscuit and Gravy

This meal can be traced as far back as the Revolutionary War. The biscuit was introduced by the British while the gravy, consisting of meat drippings, black pepper, and pork sausage initially was created by the southerners in the country as a simple breakfast option during the revolutionary war. There have been slight modifications over the years, but the meal still stands as one of the US finest meals.


  • Meat Loaf

Meatloaf is an amazing meal that most Americans cherish. Across different households, you will find each with a distinct recipe. Basically, the meal involves ground meat made into a loaf shape using suitable pans. The ground meat is seasoned to taste and then roasted.

You can enjoy this meal by using sauce or ketchup. Americans enjoy this meal.


  • Grits

Grits are traditional American foods very common in the southern part of the country. You might not enjoy the meal on the first trial, but it is widely cherished in the US. Grits are made from corn kernels coarsely ground and sweetened for better taste.


  • Hamburger

Hamburger is a common staple in the US. It is widely eaten throughout the country. There are several variations as well. If there is one iconic meal to represent the entire American food, it must be Burgers, their popularity is unrivaled.

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