Top 10 Traditional European Foods To Try

Top 10 Traditional European Foods To Try 

Europe is a unique continent. Home to over 746 million people scattered across 44 countries. Each of these countries has a unique cuisine to show off its rich culture and history.

Taking a trip across Europe will expose you to different lovely cuisines. Whether you are looking for a full-course meal or something light to keep you going, you will get the perfect food in Europe.

Below are some interesting traditional European foods to try when you visit the continent.


  • Escargot (France)

Escargot, also known as the edible snail is widely eaten in France. This meal is often used as an appetizer.

The snails are first prepared using garlic, parsley butter, and other seasonings to give it a lovely taste, and then they are returned to their shells and made ready for consumption. This meal is very rich in protein and quite expensive, but the citizens of France seem to care little about the cost. There is an estimate of over 40,000 metric tonnes of snails consumed yearly by the French.

Snail is a popular food across Europe as you will find. History has it that snail has been a major food in Europe since the prehistoric era.


  • Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips is a traditional meal in England. This good can be traced as far back as 1860 when it was first believed to have surfaced on the shores of England. This lovely dish traditionally comprises fish (mainly Haddock or cod) deep-fried in butter and served with chips. According to history, the food was one of the few unrationed meals in the military camp during WWII.


  • Herring (Netherlands)

The Netherlands is home to many kinds of seafood due to its proximity to the sea. The most popular Dutch food even among tourists in the country is the raw herring. This fish dish is usually eaten raw which oftentimes inconveniences newcomers who are new to the experience.

Herrings are eaten as snacks in the country and can be supplemented with pickles and onions depending on the choice of the eater.


  • Gyros (Greece)

Gyro is a popular meal in Greece. This meal comprises pork or chicken cooked using a rotisserie and served with tomatoes, onion, French fries, and Tzatziki sauce.

This good is commonly sold on the streets of Greece and can be served using pita bread. Most party-goers in the islands of Corfu and Mykonos often dub the gyros the “Greek Kebab.” They consider it ideal for soaking up large amounts of alcohol after a long party.


  • Cheese Fondue, Switzerland 

The cheese fondue is regarded as one of the best national dishes in Switzerland. This lovely dish made from a melted combination of Gruyere and Emmental cheeses is very common to locals. It is usually served in a communal pot where participants will often it from it by dipping their pieces of bread into it.


  • Paella (Spain)

Spain is home to some of the amazing cuisines in Europe. Picking one of Spain’s famous cuisines to represent the country is quite a task.

Paella is one of Spain’s famous meals that has gained international admiration over the years. With its origin traced to Valencia, this lovely is widely appreciated throughout Europe. It comes in different varieties as well to meet the taste of different eaters.


  • Currywurst (Germany) 

Currywurst is a unique German dish that was invented by Herta Heuwer in 1949. This simple yet elegant dish comprising of chips and sausage backed with curry-flavored ketchup is a must-try for everyone going to Germany.

It is estimated that over 800 million currywurst is consumed by the Germans yearly. To show their love for this meal, there is a special museum in Germany dedicated to this dish.


  • Haggis (Scotland) 

This is a traditional Scottish lunch. It comprises a savory sausage with offal sheep meshed together and stuffed into the stomach of an animal. It is not as gross as you would have imagined, the taste is lovely by the way.

It is traditionally eaten in Scotland on the 25th of January and is often served with turnips, potatoes, and a bottle of fine Scottish wine. Not to worry though, the food is now being commonly served in restaurants all year round.


  • Goulash (Hungary)

Goulash is a popular meal in Hungary known for its warming comfort. This dish is believed to have originated in the 9th century by the Hungarian shepherds.

The lovely dish consists of a meat stew packed with vegetables and flavor. The Goulash is renowned for its heavy paprika seasoning that became an integral part of the dish in the early 16th century.


  • Pierogi (Poland)

This dish is very popular among Eastern Europeans. It is a simple dumpling dish made by wrapping dough around a tasty filling like chicken, potatoes, cheese, or sauerkraut and then fried.

This food has a close resemblance to the famous Asian food, Momos, which also have its unique features. You can get this meal from any Pierogi restaurant in Poland.

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