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Reasons Why You Should Get A Travel Insurance Before Travelling

Oftentimes, people traveling abroad overlook the importance of getting travel insurance. It is true that at some point you will be forced to question its worth, especially having weighed the extra cost. The truth is your travel insurance is as important as your trip itself. There is no telling what might happen during your trip, so it is better to be prepared than to be taken unawares.

Below are some highlighted reasons why it is important to get travel insurance before embarking on your journey abroad.


1. Reimbursement of paid investments

The truth is that we humans are free to make plans and follow them diligently, but the probability of those plans following a prior sequence of execution is often not within our powers to control. 

For instance, you have planned a getaway vacation with your companion or family, made the necessary reservations, booked travel trips, and paid all the required fees. On the day you are meant to leave for your vacation, a family member falls ill, say your partner or one of your kids, and serious medical attention is required. You will be faced with no choice but to interrupt or cancel your trip pending when the issue has been resolved. Payments made for reservations and trips cannot be retrieved as the company policy clearly states that there is no refund of payments within 2 weeks of booking. You find yourself dazed by the thought of losing such an investment.

Issues like this are the reason why you must get travel insurance before embarking on any trip abroad. Numerous travel insurance plans cover trip cancellation and reimbursement of funds for canceled trips given that the reason for cancellation is covered in the insurance plan. These reasons for trip cancellation as contained in most travel insurance plans include illness or death of the insured person, a travel companion, or a family member. Also, cases of natural disaster or an outbreak of a pandemic in your travel destination are considered.


2. Medical Emergencies Are Very Expensive Abroad

 Not that we expect unfortunate circumstances to befall us while staying abroad, but the chances are there, and we must do all within our powers to confront them when it arises. Medical bills abroad can be very expensive and if your case requires a medical evacuation, you incur bills up to $200,00 or more depending on the proximity to the appropriate facility.

Reasons like this are why it is recommended that travelers get travel insurance. When you have travel insurance with the necessary medical emergency benefits, the chances are you will easily glide past these expenses irrespective of the medical emergency or evacuation process involved. These emergency benefits most times cover the full cost of medical transportation to the most appropriate medical facility as well as the cost of full recovery and trip back home.

You need travel insurance; you can’t overlook the massive benefits you stand to gain for just buying your travel insurance at a very small cost.


3. Sustained Trips

Taking a vacation abroad is always fun-filled and the excitement level is usually very high. When certain mishaps begin to surface it can diminish the state of a happy mind. Issues like delayed or canceled flights, missing bags, theft, or a missed connection are some of the factors that can put off the happiness of most travelers.

Various travel insurance plans cover such mishaps and the insured person is compensated for such an experience. Issues like flight delay for 6 hours or more leading to a loss of prepaid reservations or extra incurred travel expenses can be reimbursed under your travel delay benefits. Several other issues like theft, baggage misplacement, or misdirection lasting for 24 hours or more will earn you a reimbursement under the baggage delay benefits.

These travel insurance benefits abound. So, it is best to check your travel insurance plans properly to see what is covered before settling for it.


4. Recommended Asset

Most people when they experience emergencies abroad are quick to reach out to their embassies for help, the truth is that embassies have limited power to meet most of your challenges abroad, especially cases involving medical attention. Embassies can help you retrieve your passport, reach out to family members in your home country, provide legal assistance or medical care, and connect you with the right authorities and other help within their jurisdiction. But an embassy cannot take care of your medical bills or emergency evacuation except in critical or catastrophic cases requiring government intervention, otherwise, you are left to bear the brunt of whatever medical cost you incur staying abroad.

It’s been recommended for all travelers to possess travel insurance plans having the necessary medical benefits and emergency evacuation benefits to see them through in case of any mishap while staying abroad.


5. Affordable  

One major factor that often deters people from getting a travel insurance plan is the cost. The truth remains that there are numerous plans with amazing benefits that are very affordable. It is quite understandable that the need for an extra cost on insurance having spent a fortune in planning your vacation trip can be a little demanding. But you can’t dispute the fact that it is worth it if a situation requiring its assistance arises.

As a traveler looking for the right travel insurance plan, you are free to look up different plans and compare quotes. Look for what meets your travel plan and go for it once you are satisfied.

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