Take A Food Tour In Barcelona

Take A Food Tour In Barcelona 

Barcelona is Catalonia’s biggest city in Spain. It is home to some of the finest dishes in the country and across Europe. A food tour around this city will have you salivating.

Barcelona is constantly bustling with people from different parts of the world who have come to the city for one reason or another. This city is very beautiful and has a very rich history, fascinating architecture, lovely landscapes, beaches, and an excellent tradition.

Taking a walk through the streets of Barcelona will enchant with its beauty and rich food flavors only peculiar to this city. The locals of this city apart from speaking the common Spanish language have their unique language – Catalan.

This article is dedicated to highlighting some of the very best foods that you can find in Barcelona.


  • Hot Chocolate and Churros

Traditionally, hot chocolate and churros are common classic meals in Spain. This food is unique and has more melted chocolate than milk in it. There is a slight alteration of this Barcelona. In Barcelona, a special twist-whipped cream is added to the top of the hot chocolate with some churros for dipping. You can easily get this meal at La Granja De Dulcinea.


  • Bombas De Barceloneta (potato bomb)

Bombas are one of the common foods in Barcelona that visitors enjoy eating. They are made from mashed potatoes and pork. These fried delicious orbs are great when eaten with the special sauces peculiar to the chefs in Barcelona. The two common tasty sauces ideal for eating Bombas are garlic mayonnaise (aioli) and spicy sauce (salsa brava). This meal is readily available in every corner of the city but the La Fumada restaurant in Barcelona is considered the best place to enjoy this meal.


  • Capipota 

Capipota is a common traditional stew in the city of Barcelona. The name Capipota which simply translates as head and foot in the English language speaks of the uniqueness of this stew. The stew is made from the head and foot of pork and is best enjoyed with garbanzo. The stew can be a bit spicy depending on the preparation method used. You can easily grab this lovely meal from La Cuina Del Papi just within the neighborhood of El camp de I’Arpa.


  • Sobrassada De Mallorca 

Sobrassada is one unique in Barcelona that has attracted the attention of the EU. The EU not quite long granted a Protected Geographic Identifier (PGI) to the makers of this meal. This sort of delicious sausage de from pork is very ideal to be used as a spread on bread or toast. Most travelers and tourists coming into the city enjoy sobrassada very much. You can get this delicious sausage at La Tasqueta de Blai in Barcelona.


  • Vermouth 

Vermouth is a very common drink mixed with Martini that most people take casually. In Barcelona, Vermouth is used as an appetizer along with some tapas to enjoy the view of the city. Tapas are a variety of Spanish small foods served in bars. You can easily get vermouth and tapas from La Plata during your tour in Barcelona.


  • Mercat La Boqueria 

Mercat La Boqueria is a popular local market in Barcelona known for its sales of freshly caught seafood, meat, cheese, wine, and so on. This local market is fast becoming a top tourist hub for most people coming into the city. You can also get freshly prepared foods from this market.


Notable Food Tours In Barcelona 

For foreigners in this city Who might find it difficult or quite intimidating to head out and order food from restaurants waiters who might not understand your language, you can join any of these beautifully organized tours in Barcelona.

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