Study Guide For International Students Going To Canada

Study Guide For International Students Going To Canada 

Canada is a very beautiful country with an excellent educational system. This renowned educational system has lured so many international students to the country for academic studies.

The number of international students coming into Canada increases steadily every year. About 400,000 international students were admitted into Canadian universities last year with the majority coming from France, Vietnam, Brazil, Nigeria, China, South Korea, and Japan. This number is bound to continually grow given the heavy investment of the Canadian government in building success an International Education Strategy launched in 2019 to help bring international students to the country.


Basic Steps of Study Application In Canada

Gaining a study approval is quite an easy task once you meet all the stipulated criteria. An international student will have to follow the following steps to meet the study permit criteria in Canada


  • Select A Suitable Program

One of the key requirements to getting a study permit in Canada is your choice of program and what impact you intend to make in selecting the program. As an international student, you will require to select a study program and back it up with some strong and valid points as to why you want to study the selected program.


  • Apply To Preferred School

Having decided on which study program is best for you, the next step is to apply to any university in Canada offering the program. Wait to receive your acceptance letter from the university you have applied to before proceeding to apply for a study permit.


  • Study Permit

The next step of the application having received your acceptance letter from your selected university is to apply for a study permit.


  • Document Checklist

International students going to study I’m Canada will be required to possess certain documents to show that they qualify for the program. Below are some essential documents all international students must possess to avoid complications.


  • Acceptance Letter

This is one of the basic documents that prove you are eligible for a study program in Canada. This letter is a valid acceptance issued to you by the university you applied to in Canada


  • Proof of Financial Support

This document shows how capable you are of providing for yourself while living and studying in Canada. Also, your ability to pay your tuition fee will be assessed using this document.


  • Profile Documents

These documents tell of your profile – they include a birth certificate, marriage certificate (if any), passport, and other relevant documents to prove your identity.

Note: make copies of these documents in case of any theft or case of missing documents.


  • Canadian Study Permit

A Canadian study permit grants you, an international student, the opportunity to study in Canada having met all the requirements.


Application Process Of A Canadian Study Permit

Eligibility: Before applying for a Canadian study permit, it is important to check your eligibility. Ensure that you meet all the requirements and possess all the relevant documents.

Note: your application may be denied if you fail to provide all the relevant documents.

Application: Having confirmed your eligibility, you can start your application process. For ease of application, it is advisable that you get a professional immigration agent to review all your documents and guide you in your application.

Submit Application: To submit your study permit application form, you have two methods:

  • Electronic application: Using this method, you will have to create an account with the Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) on their website. Then scan all your documents and upload them to the website.
  • Hardcopy application: Here, applicants will have to mail hard copies of the relevant documents to the Visa Application Center (VAC) in their home country.
  • Approval: Note that you will not receive your study permit in your home country. Upon successful application and approval of your Canadian study permit, you will be issued a Port of Entry Introduction Letter that you will present to immigration officials in Canada. The validity of your POE introduction letter will be confirmed before you will be issued your study permit.


Application Duration of Study Permit

The duration for processing a study permit application varies greatly. Most times the duration is dependent on the time of your application and the volume of applications to be handled. The shortest processing time can be within 1 – 2 weeks, but during busy periods it can take up to 16 weeks.


Cost Of Study In Canada

The tuition fees for studying in Canada vary from university to university, but they are very affordable compared to other countries. The average tuition fee per year is about 28,000 CAD.


Cost Of Living As A Student In Canada

One very important element that students going to Canada to study must consider is the cost of living in the country. As a student, it is very affordable.


  • Housing

There are various housing options available to international students in Canada. You can either live in universities’ dormitories, rent an apartment off camp, or live with a close relative.

Note that the cost of housing varies from university to university and province to province. It is best to research and choose the best convenient for you.

Estimated monthly housing cost: 350 – 2800 CAD


  • Transportation and Food Cost

These are essential elements that people often overlook when going abroad. As an international student, you should research and find the cost of your favorite food items, transportation cost, and other essentials. This will help you come up with a reasonable budget to guide you in Canada.

Estimated monthly transportation cost: 80 – 140 CAD

Estimated monthly food cost: 300 – 500 CAD


  • Health insurance

All international students studying in Canada are advised to get private health insurance. Some provinces might give automatic healthcare coverage to international students.

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