Reasons To Study In Malaysia

Reasons To Study In Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful country located in southeast Asia. This country has over the years gained international admiration and is gradually becoming a preferred destination for most tourists across the world. With so many UNESCO World Heritage sites, the country is fast establishing itself as a strong economy with a deep root in education.

Education Malaysia is deeply valued with several universities in Malaysia ranking among the best universities in the world. The Malaysian government invests heavily in education to ensure the best quality education is administered throughout the country. With so many private universities in the country open to grooming and nurturing the skills and academic careers of people of all races makes the country is one ideal place to study for international students.

The cost of living and studying in Malaysia is very affordable and the country ranks as one of the most affordable places to live and study. Below are some top reasons why you should consider studying in Malaysia.


  • Topnotch Education

The educational system of Malaysia is globally recognized. Most universities in Malaysia rank among the best universe in the world to study. According to the QS World University ranking by subject of 2021, Malaysia had about 32 programs ranked among the 100 programs to study. The Malaysian government commits earnestly to growing top talents in universities and accredited skill centers to help in building the country’s economy. Taking up a study program in any of the universities in Malaysia is one sure and easy way to pursue your academic goals.


  • Affordability

One major factor that draws most international students to Malaysia is the affordability of the universities’ tuition fees. Compared to most universities around the world, the tuition fee for most Malaysian universities is very affordable. The average tuition fee for public universities is $4,400 per annum while that of private universities is $4,970. Generally, the cost of living in Malaysia is very low and you can easily afford to cover some bills ranging from food to transportation.

Malaysia’s cost of living index is $42.47 which is one of the lowest in the world.


  • Modern and Progressive

Malaysians are known to be progressive people who strive to promote the peaceful nature of their country. Famous for being a Muslim-friendly nation with modern and progressive acceptability of contemporary lives and facilities. The transportation systems of this country are topnotch, one can easily navigate the various cities in record time.

Malaysia is well advanced in different fields of study and provides top-ranking undergraduates the opportunity to help the country in various fields. As an international student in Malaysia, you stand the chance of getting job opportunities in the country after graduation.


  • English is Widely Spoken

The English language is one of the commonly spoken languages in the country, although the country’s official language is Bahasa Malaysia. International students seeking to study in Malaysian universities may be required to undertake the Malaysian University English Test (MUET) to ascertain their proficiency in the use of the English language. Most of the universities courses in Malaysia are administered in the English language and it is also very easy to communicate with locals using the English language.


  • Multicultural

Malaysia is a multicultural country with various ethnic groups. This diversity in culture presents international students with the opportunity to meet and interact with people of different cultures and religions. There are also several celebrations witnessed across the country which can be a thing of excitement for most foreigners.

As an added advantage, international students who study in Malaysia are given the opportunity to work, live, and interact with people from different cultures. This opportunity helps to build a well-rounded individual capable of adapting to different work ethics and environment.


  • Dynamic Lifestyle

Malaysia already a UNESCO World Heritage has a lot of beautiful spots in the country that are very fascinating. The country has beautiful landscapes and beaches. Malaysia is home to about 20% of the world’s animal species with beautiful biodiversity rainforest that is open to all who seek to explore it.

Many international students move to Canada to study because they want to explore this uniquely beautiful city and develop their minds in the process.


  • Strategic Location

Malaysia is well-positioned at the heart of Asia giving it quite a lot of traveling options to other neighboring countries. International students can capitalize on the unique position to visit other countries at the close of the study semester. Locally, it is very easy to travel through the cities of Malaysia given its excellent transportation systems. Also, you can get the opportunity to share some quality time with some of your friends in Asia and the cost is very affordable. You can take a trip to Korea for just $750 or spend some time in Tokyo for just a fee of $370.


  • Peaceful Country

Malaysia is a peaceful country with vibrant communities. International students will find this country very interesting to live in given its excellent security system and beautiful environment. According to the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), Malaysia is ranked the 20th most peaceful country in the world.

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