Foods To Pack When Travelling Abroad

Foods To Pack When Travelling Abroad

Traveling abroad comes with its challenges and very often the choice of food to pack gets in the way too. Eating healthy even while traveling abroad is essential to your health. There are so many why you should pack your food when traveling. You could get stranded or your flight got delayed or canceled, if you have no food packed there is a possibility you could go hungry. Again, having your food packed during travels keeps you from taking junk which is very bad for your health. Packed foods help you to stay on a diet if you are a person following a diet plan.

Here are some very important foods you can pack when traveling abroad.


  • Rice cakes

Rice cakes are one of the essential snacks you will need when packing foods to travel with. They are very rich in vitamins and minerals and have very low sodium and calorific values.

Snacking on rice cakes while traveling abroad is healthier than taking junk.


  • Instant Vermicelli

Vermicelli is very good for traveling. It is very rich in fiber and quite easy to make. The fiber content of vermicelli makes it quite easy to digest and it also prevents constipation.

This meal can be enjoyed by people of all ages and it takes very few minutes to prepare.


  • Popcorn

Popcorns are very easy foods one can carry when traveling abroad. They are very easy to digest and hardly any allergic reactions are associated with them. You can freely munch on your popcorn while you take a trip to your country of choice.


  • Sabundana Khichdi

Sabundana Khichdi is one very delicious meal one should consider when packing foods to travel with. It is rich in carbohydrate which supplies the body with the required energy to keep you going for the rest of the day. This meal is also very rich in protein as contained in peanuts and is very easy to digest. The preparation process is very easy as it requires only hot water and a few minutes to set.


  • Banana Chips

This food is familiar to the Indians. It is very nutritious and tasty. Banana chips are very rich in potassium and iron which helps the body to maintain stable blood pressure, regulate cholesterol and manage weight. Banana chips have high fiber content which makes them easy to digest. It is one of the best foods to pack when traveling abroad.


  • Upma

Upma is a staple made from semolina. They are eaten commonly as breakfast in southern India. Upma is very rich in carbohydrates which provides the body with energy. Aside from semolina, Upma also contains essential elements like lentils, vegetables, and spices which have been properly blended to give you a satisfying taste. Preparing Upma is very simple and takes about 10 – 12 minutes to set.


  • Namkeems

Namkeems are simple meals you can easily take to curb the feeling of hunger. They are very rich in nutrients and can help you gradually ease into the local food of your new country.


  • Paneer Fried Rice

The Paneer Fried Rice is another travel-friendly food one should consider packing when traveling abroad. It is very easy to digest and contains the needed nutrients. Paneer Fried Rice provides your body with the required energy to explore your new country without the need for extra meals or snacks for a lengthy period. The process of preparing Paneer Fried Rice is very easy to prepare and it takes less than 10 minutes to prepare.


  • Poha

Poha is a simple dish made from flattened rice. It is a common staple food in Maharashtra. It is very easy to digest and provides your body with the required energy for the day. Preparing Poha takes between 6-8 minutes.


  • Sev Murmura

Sev Murmura is a quick snack that can be easily taken with tea. It is a great addition when traveling abroad. It has low calories and is very rich in fiber making it very easy to digest.

If you are a lover of light and quick foods, then Sev Murmura is the right food for you to pack when traveling.

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