Documents To Travel Abroad With

Documents To Travel Abroad With

You can never be too certain about what would be required of you at the immigration office of the country you are traveling to. It is very important that one verifies all the necessary documents and ensure they are intact before traveling.

Immigration offices in she countries expect people coming into their country to possess certain documents that qualify them to enter. These policies and requirements differ from country to country, but there are stipulated standard documents that as an immigrant you are expected to possess before traveling abroad.

If at any point during your visa application or travel process you encounter any challenge regarding document availability, you should clarify yourself with the relevant visa office or embassy before traveling.

Some of the relevant documents you might be required to provide when you travel abroad include:


  • Valid Passport

Traveling abroad will require you to provide a valid passport. If you do not own one, you should endeavor to get one on time as the application and processing can take some time.

Most countries’ immigration offices require a valid passport of at least 6 months. It is important that you make photocopies of your passport capturing the photo page and details of your passport.


  • Visa

For you to travel to a new country, you will have to obtain a visa. Visa application is open to all depending on your eligibility and qualification. It is important to check which visa category suits you and your eligibility status before applying to avoid complications.

You can apply for visas online by simply going to the designated application site of your preferred country.


  • Travel Health Document/ Medical Report

With the emergence of COVID-19, it has become very necessary that people moving to a new country present a Travel Health Document showing that they have been vaccinated while also highlighting their medical conditions.

This document helps the immigration office of the country you are going to:

« Confirm the COVID-19 vaccination status of an immigrant

« Trace other contacts if there is a positive case of COVID-19

« Help quarantine immigrants who have been exposed to the virus

Most countries will deny your access into the country if you fail to comply and provide your Travel Health Document.


  • Foreign Currency

Getting the relevant currency in your home country before traveling abroad can save you a lot of stress and time.

Without the relevant currency in your new country, you may have to use your local credit card overseas and this will come at an extra cost.


  • Travel Insurance

Travel insurance documents are not a compulsory requirement for some countries. But just to be on the safe side and to avoid unnecessary complications in case something happens while you are in the country. It is best to travel with a copy of your Travel Insurance in case you need to cover a cost while abroad.


  • Proof of Accommodation

Most countries now require that you provide proof of accommodation when you visit. This is to enable them to reach you in case of any problems.

Proof Accommodation has since become a compulsory requirement for some countries since the emergence of COVID-19. You might be required to upload a proof of accommodation document along with your Travel Health Document during an online application.


  • Copies of Relevant Documents

For security reasons and safety, it is important to make copies of all relevant documents needed during your application. In case of theft or missing documents, these copies can cover you while the issue is being rectified.

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