Best Time To Buy Travel Insurance

Best Time To Buy Travel Insurance

Negligence of travel insurance is a common thing among travelers. Most travelers dedicate their time to booking reservations and other necessary elements essential for their stay abroad while neglecting an important commodity for their travel. Having travel insurance before going abroad can save you from a lot of potential troubles that might arise while abroad. You can indeed buy travel insurance up until the day before travel, but you stand the chance of missing out on some of its benefits due to poor timing. Outlined below are some timing schedules to help you decide when best to get travel insurance.


  • Before Booking Your Flight Ticket

Making travel plans can be a bit exhausting. Nevertheless, it is important to make the right plans and follow them diligently. One of these important steps must include purchasing an insurance plan on time. Buying travel insurance long before booking a flight ticket provides the opportunity to enjoy its benefits in case anything goes wrong during your travel.

For cost-effectiveness, you should consider various possible travel you would be making in the year and buy multi-trip insurance as this will help you overcome the hassle of getting new travel insurance on every trip.


  • Travel Insurance At The Last Minute

Buying travel insurance at the last minute should be avoided at all costs. It is the riskiest time to purchase travel insurance as you stand the chance of not gaining access to some of its benefits. It is a common mistake that most travelers make. As you plan your trip, also consider getting your travel insurance on time and not wait until a day before you board your flight.

Insurance plans usually require a few days to be effective, therefore you should consider getting one on time. Buying travel insurance at the last minute does not guarantee automatic insurance for travelers as they will be traveling as uninsured persons until the insurance policy is activated. This is a risky situation given the fact that the travelers will have to bear the brunt of any mishap that arises within this period. Possible mishaps that will require early insurance purchase to cover them include:

  • Cancellation due to health issues
  • Cancellation due to work reasons
  • Financial default
  • Flight interruption


  • Ideal Time To Purchase Travel Insurance 

The ideal time to purchase travel insurance should be at least 2 weeks before booking your holiday. This will provide you with a better claim should anything go contrary to your planned trip. Travel insurance plans come with lots of benefits, you can enjoy these benefits if your purchase is early enough.

Important note:  There is no telling what might go wrong during your travel plans, it is best to be on the safe side. Purchase your travel insurance simultaneously as you are making your first booking, it will get you covered in case of any problems.

Below are some tips that you can employ to get the most pocket-friendly travel insurance.


Pocket-Friendly Travel Insurance Tips

Making travel plans often come with lots of hassles and sometimes can be overwhelming. From booking hotel reservations to packing the right items for the journey and not forgetting the cost of putting everything together, it indeed calls for the carefulness. Regardless of these arrangements, there is one thing travelers must always endeavor to go with – travel insurance.

There are lots of affordable travel insurance plans with amazing benefits. The cost of most travel insurance depends mainly on the duration of the trip and the destination of travel. Nevertheless, below are some steps you can adopt to reduce the cost of your travel insurance plan.

  • Research, shop around, and identify which travel insurance suits your trip schedule before purchasing it
  • Lookout only for coverage plans that you need as unnecessary coverages might require extra costs
  • It is best to go for a multi-trip insurance cover especially if you will be embarking on several trips within the year. This is very cost-effective and will save the stress of booking travel insurance for every trip.
  • Buy travel insurance directly from the insurer’s website. This gives you access to customize your plan and buy at a cheaper rate.

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