Best Cities In Canada To Live In

Best Cities In Canada To Live In

Canada is one of the countries in the world with so much to offer. There are lots of job opportunities with excellent health and a quality educational system. Canada also boasts of amazing landscapes and natural resources. The country is very peaceful and the citizens are accommodating.

One of the common problems people immigrating to Canada face is deciding on which province or city is best to live in. Below are some beautiful cities in Canada you probably would want to consider living in before moving to Canada.


  • Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa is renowned for its wide range of opportunities. It is the capital city of Canada and is gradually becoming a preferred destination for most immigrants and tourists coming into the country. The city has a youthful vibrance that projects it as one of the best cities to live in Canada. It has amazing architectural designs, a clean environment, a lovely neighborhood, and an atmosphere for countless opportunities.

Ottawa is a multicultural city with one of the largest numbers of young people in the country. The city’s crime rate is very low and has an incredibly high rate of employment, especially for professionals in natural sciences, law, and management sciences.

The commonly spoken language in Ottawa is English. For a better boost in your career, it is important that you learn or improve on your French-speaking abilities as certain jobs may require it. It is important to note that the cost of living in Ottawa is very high and constantly rising, but you stand a better chance of employment opportunities when you live in this city while in Canada.


  • Oakville, Ontario

Oakville is a beautiful suburban town located in the southern part of Ontario. The city is situated between Hamilton and Toronto, allowing its residents to experience both small-town life and the luxurious life of an urban area.

Oakville is ranked as one of the best places to live in Canada. The cost of living in this city is quite affordable. The weather condition of Ottawa is one of the best in Canada and its proximity to Canada makes it a good place to reside for most foreigners. Some of the best life science companies that engage in eldercare services and pharmaceuticals are found in this city.


  • Québec City, Québec

Québec is an amazing city in Canada with a rich history. The city has all the required amenities to meet the comfort of anyone living in an urban city. As it is common to misjudge the cost of living in this city, Québec happens to be one of the least expensive cities to live in Canada. The city has quality life experiences to offer to tourists and immigrants coming into the country. The prices of commodities in this city are very affordable same goes for the tuition fees, but most importantly, the healthcare service in Québec is free of charge. Québec is a UNESCO world heritage site that further projects the city as a perfect place to live while in Canada.


  • Burlington, Ontario

Burlington is a perfect blend of a city with great urban life and amazing nature. Although the city ranks as one of the most expensive cities to live in Canada, it still boasts of high positives like high employment rates, low crime rates, good traffic management, and lovely weather. This city is known for its excellent health care system, high-quality school, and fun-filled nightlife.

As a newcomer in this city, you can get along pretty easily – jobs are fairly easy to get and there are lots of fun activities for everyone.


  • Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton is the third-largest city in the Ontario province. The city is fast becoming a preferred destination to live in for most young persons in the country. With over 500,000 people living in this city, the city is gradually building a strong economy for itself while providing amazing job opportunities for the people.

Hamilton is a multicultural city given the high number of immigrants moving to the city. The city is about 58km away from Toronto. Hamilton has a very low crime rate and the cost of living in this city is very affordable.

Again, there are lots of natural resources in this city, with over 100 waterfalls and beaches, it stands as one of the best cities in Canada where you unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature.


  • Kingston, Ontario

Kingston is one of the very few cities in the province of Ontario that is very popular amongst locals and tourists coming into the country. The city is one of the safest cities in Canada and is considered a very romantic city ideal for lovers seeking to retire from the exhausting life in the urban areas.

Just over 140,000 people are living in this city with beautiful landscapes, natural resources, and historic architecture. The cost of living in Kingston is very affordable and healthcare service is not as expensive when compared to other cities.


  • Calgary, Toronto

Calgary is considered one of the best places to live in Canada with your family. It is the youngest and warmest city in Canada with beautiful views.

This city is known to have a great attraction for engineers, minors, and entrepreneurs. The employment of the city is fast growing and the crime rate is very low.


  • Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is a beautiful city with so many job opportunities. Toronto is the biggest in Canada in terms of population size. The cost of living in Toronto is very high as it happens to be that the city is home to some of the most expensive properties in the world.

Toronto, dubbed the financial city of Canada, is widely known for its excellent healthcare, security system, and continuous innovation. The city’s transportation system is top-notch and very easy to navigate. This city is probably one of the happiest places on earth to live in given its advancement in meeting the basic needs of man.


  • Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is one of the cities in the province of British Columbia with extraordinary views. The city has become a preferred destination for most immigrants moving to Canada as it has beautiful natural landscapes and an accommodating environment for people of different cultures.

Vancouver is renowned for its captivating views ranging from the Pacific Ocean to high mountains which makes it a great place for outdoor activities. The commonly spoken language in Vancouver is the English language as over half of its population speaks the English language.

Vancouver has a very strong economy and the employment rate is very high as well. Note that the cost of living in Vancouver is very high. Ensure you can afford the cost of living before you move.


  • Montreal, Québec

is regarded as the cultural center of Canada given its multiculturalism. The common language in this city is French and it is considered a perfect place to start for most immigrants.

Montreal has the second-largest economy in Canada and offers so many job opportunities to its people.

The cost of living in Montreal is not very expensive as compared to other cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Parents looking to raise their kids in Canada should consider moving to Montreal, it’s perfect to raise kids given its beautiful environment. Again, your kids get to enjoy the opportunity of being multilingual – speaking French, English and other common languages in the region.

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