Best Affordable Family Vacations

Best Affordable Family Vacations

Sticking to an affordable budget when planning a family vacation can be quite a task. Oftentimes, it is hard to get family vacations that are not expensive. One can only get reasonable offers from hotels and flights during off-seasons when there are fewer activities in the region.

There are so many family vacation destinations that are very affordable and also offer great experiences. This article contains a list of affordable summer vacations that families can embark on.


  • Ocean City, Maryland, USA

Ocean City is a beautiful destination for families seeking to stick to a budget while on vacation. The beautiful town is located on the East Coast with fascinating seaside and a lovely atmosphere conducive for kids. Ocean City holds a nostalgic feeling that will thrill adults. You can get this nostalgic feeling when you tour the three-mill wooden boardwalk.

The beaches in Ocean City are open to all visitors and it is free of charge. Also, there is a low-cost tram to carry the younger ones who got exhausted playing on the beach.


  • Lisbon, Portugal

The capital city of Portugal, Lisbon, holds so many interesting and beautiful spots that families can visit during their vacation without breaking the bank. This city widely known for its beautiful architecture and rich history will fascinate families visiting it.

Lisbon is home to one of the world’s biggest aquariums, Lisbon Oceanarium. This aquarium holds different beautiful aquatic animals from the Pacific, Antarctic, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans. It is an incredible sight.

The Santa Just a Lift is one interesting attraction that kids will find astonishing. This captivating elevator that seems to take you through time is a must-visit for families. It also holds the best views of the Baixa neighborhood.


  • Columbus, Ohio, USA

Columbus is an ideal place for families looking to stay in an affordable place while enjoying their summer vacation. The city is renowned for its inexpensive lodgings which provide families with the option to explore more beautiful areas.

There are several spots in this city that families will find very interesting. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is one of the city’s most attractive spots to visit. Home to over 10,000 land animals and sea creatures from the different continents in the world. It is no doubt that families will find it very intriguing.

Other beautiful spots families will enjoy include Franklin Park Conservatory, home to different biomes obtained from across the world, nature lovers will find the place interesting. The Center of Science and Industry (COSI), Legoland Discovery Center, and the Zoombezi Bay Water Park are some interesting places families should visit with their kids.


  • Yosemite National Park, California, USA

Who wouldn’t want to get a thrilling camp experience in the Yosemite National Park? It is a must-visit place for families. This park provides an excellent camping spot for families to bond better and enjoy a quality fun time.

The beauty of this park is stunning, with fascinating cliffs and incredible rock formations ideal for outdoor activities. There are quite a lot of activities for all to participate in this park. Families can explore the Yosemite Falls, El Captain, Half Dome, and the Tunnel View, all found in the valley area of the park. As a hiker, you will enjoy these areas as they will expose you to thrilling views.


  • Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Its beauty cannot be overemphasized. It is one ideal place in Europe for families to visit. This beautiful city with amazing architecture and rich history has a lot to offer to families looking for a quality vacation.

Most of this city’s attractive spots can be accessed for little or no cost at all, this makes it an ideal place for families. Notable places families should look out for while in the city include The Prague Castle, Singing Fountain, and The Wenceslaus Square. All these spots can be accessed for little or no cost. They hold the most fascinating views and experiences in the city.


  • Niagara, Canada

This astonishing site not very far from Toronto provides families the opportunity to explore beautiful scenes in the waterfall and also enjoy the fascinating beauty of the megacity.

Niagara Falls is one of the best places for families to visit while on vacation. It holds some of the best views in the country and quality outdoor experiences. Visitors get amazing packages for exploring the zipline past the Horseshoe Falls and American Falls.

Another fun experience is the Whirlpool Aero Car which provides visitors with the opportunity to take a cruise to see the base of the falls. Families will enjoy this experience.


  • Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA

This is a beautiful park that families will find very intriguing to spend their vacation. The interesting thing about this park is that most of its top can be easily accessed by cars and needs a short walk to the very top. It will be quite interesting for non-hikers.

Families can explore the entire park by driving the Grand Loop. It is very budget-friendly and allows them to enjoy the best views. Some interesting spots in the park include the Old Faithful and The Canyon Village.


  • Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA

This is one of the most interesting parks to visit in the United States. It is a very affordable and ideal place for families to spend quality time together. Families who plan to stick to a budget vacation can make their plans in line with milder spring and fall seasons, these are the best periods to visit for such families.

The southern part of the park is the most easily accessible and most tourists and visitors use this route. This route also holds one of the best hiking trails in the park. There are lots of fun activities for kids to enjoy here and families will get thrilled by the beautiful views the park holds.


  • Tampa, Florida, USA

Tampa is one of the best vacation destinations for families. Often seen as an alternative vacation to Orlando. There are lots of interesting spots here and the Tampa Busch Gardens is one very fascinating spot that will thrill families. Although the access fee is similar to that of Disney and Universal, there are lots of fun activities including the amusement park and zoo to meet the money spent.

Families can utilize the incredible packages offered to explore other beautiful areas. One fascinating place to visit in Tampa is the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI). It has a very low admission rate and kids will be delighted to challenge themselves in topics such as math, physics, and emerging technologies in the world.

Families on vacation here should also look to visit the Lowry Park Zoo, The Florida Aquarium, and the Glazier Children Museum.


  • Denver, Colorado, USA

Denver is an interesting city with lots of beautiful spots for families. There are so many attraction sites and activities that families will find intriguing.

Denver has one of the best lakes for swimming and other water-related activities convenient for the summer. The City Park is one incredible place to visit given all of its beautiful features to offer. Next to it is the famous Denver Zoo and Denver Museum of Nature and Science. These spots stand as some of the best places to visit with kids as many things will fascinate them.

Other beautiful places to visit in this city include the Denver Firefighter Museum, the Children’s Museum of Denver, and the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum. Families can’t afford to miss these places.

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