7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai

Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world that one should endeavor to visit. The city has an attractive atmosphere that lures people of different cultures and backgrounds to it.

This beautiful city often referred to as the Pearl of the Middle East, has so many astonishing structures, historic sights, and fun-filled nightlife that will thrill visitors. Dubai has the feel of many renowned cities in the world embedded in it. You will find this city quite fascinating. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider visiting Dubai.


1. Get A Feel Of The Desert

This luxurious city, having exotic structures and beautiful automobiles was once filled with sand some 4 decades ago. Over the years, there has been tremendous transformation starting from the era of the Bedouin villages. This once dessert land has ushered in a beautiful era of sophisticated advancement in architecture and technology that can rival the beauty of most renowned cities in the world.

The desert in Dubai is still a place worth visiting. One can enjoy this by going on a desert safari. You get the chance to experience the real culture of Dubai, enjoy traditional Arabic barbecue, take camel rides, explore and enjoy beautiful desert views. A tour here will expose you to life before the transformation.


2. Outstanding Architecture

Dubai is renowned for its amazing architectural structures. A tour through the streets of Dubai will leave you dazzled.  It is quite hard to believe that this exotic city over 4 decades ago held no structure given the level of architectural advancement it has now. There are so many stylishly designed skyscrapers in Dubai having all manner of shapes and sizes that will leave visitors in awe. You obviously can’t afford to miss this feeling.


3. Multicultural

It won’t take long on your visit to Dubai for you to realize how culturally diverse the city is. There are lots of expatriates who have come to the city for one business or the other. Over 82% of Dubai’s total population are foreigners. This gives room for cultural interaction and integration as is rarely seen in some big cities across the world.


4. Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Dubai. This artificial island shaped like a huge palm tree making its way into the waters is a beautiful reminder of the beautiful, traditional Dubai palm tree.

This island is perfect for holidays and getaways for couples. There are lots of restaurants and hotels that visitors will find convenient. For more fun, you can enjoy the extraordinary view of the Palm Jumeirah by taking a helicopter tour to view it from above. You will be astonished by this view.


5. Amazing Nightlife

Aside from the captivating beauty of Dubai, the city offers one of the most amazing nightlife in the world. There are so many nightclubs and bars that run every night. If you are the party-going type of person, then you need to visit Dubai as there are lots of fun there for you. Renowned clubs such as White Dubai, Blue Marlin, and many others will leave you thrilled.


6. Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is one of the most famous buildings in Dubai that one can’t afford to miss. This building is the symbol of Dubai and stands over 820 meters tall. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world at the moment having over 160 floors. You can view the entire city of Dubai from this building. There are so many hotels and restaurants in this building that visitors will find interesting. This building holds one of the best sunset views in the city and if you are a photographer you wouldn’t want to miss the beautiful views of this place at night for anything.


7. The Gold Souk

Dubai is renowned for its characteristic beautiful shopping malls and fancy buildings. The Gold Souk, located in old Dubai holds some of the most precious and exotic pieces of jewelry in the world. The world’s largest gold ring weighing over 60 kg is found here. You can enjoy window shopping and see some of the exotic pieces of jewelry in Dubai. One fascinating thing you will find in this place is the absence of security guards. One would expect that such an area be heavily guarded by security personnel in case of theft, but it is not so in Dubai. Dubai is generally peaceful and safe as you would find on your visit to the place.


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