5 Best Student Travel Insurance

5 Best Student Travel Insurance

Traveling abroad for studies can be all fun and very overwhelming. Oftentimes, students forget to make the necessary arrangement to avoid extra costs while living abroad. The uncertainties of traveling abroad abound and one can hardly tell what the future holds. One very important way to avoid unnecessary expenses and keep yourself from certain damages is by getting student travel insurance. This way if extra expenses are incurred while living and studying abroad, you are sure they will be covered.

Below are some of the very best student insurance plans to consider if you intend to travel abroad for studies.


1. Travel Guard

Travel Guard is one of the best insurance companies in the US. They are known for covering both local and international travel trips. Students can apply for suitable insurance plans through this agency as they offer student medical travel insurance and student travel insurance plans. These plans cut across issues involving trip interruption, medical emergencies, and travel helps. Whether it is for a long-term study or a short study period, this agency is equal to the task.


2. Allianz Travel Insurance

This travel scheme has various suitable insurance plans that students will find very convenient. Although there are three travel insurance plans – OneTrip Emergency Medical Plan, OneTrip Prime Plan, and OneTrip Premier Plan, most students will find it very interesting as each plan has its own unique emergency medical benefits. The travel plans are briefly highlighted below.


  • OneTrip Emergency Medical Plan

This travel insurance plan is very affordable and flexible. Free-spirited students without a fixed travel itinerary will find this travel insurance plan very convenient because canceled trips and/or trip interruptions are not covered in this plan.

In case of theft or missing properties, and trip delays, this travel insurance plan will cover the cost of items lost or damages caused.

Regarding medical situations, a student can get up to $50,000 in case of any medical emergencies which could also rise to $250,000 if the situation calls for an evacuation.


  • OneTrip Prime Plan

Unlike OneTrip Emergency Medical Plan, the OneTrip Prime Plan offers students the opportunity to change their travel plans – they can interrupt or cancel their trips as deemed convenient.

Issues of theft, missing properties, and delayed trips are accounted for under this plan. Students also get refunds for any emergency or mishap leading to trip interruption or cancelation.

Medical benefits range from $250,000 in cases requiring medical emergencies to $500,000 in case of medical evacuation.


OneTrip Premier Plan

This travel insurance plan has some amazing benefits that most students will find interesting. A student can get up to $50,000 for medical emergencies and $1 million for medical emergencies requiring evacuation.

Other amazing benefits include

  1. Travel delay benefit – $1,600
  2. Baggage loss or damage – $2,000
  3. Missed connection benefits – $1,600


3. World Nomads

World Nomads is an amazing travel insurance agency with some of the finest travel insurance plans that will benefit international students.

Their travel plans cover a wide range of activities and help you enjoy your study abroad regardless of the weather condition or experience. The explorer or standard plans offer amazing benefits to students in terms of emergency medicals, evacuation, trip cancellation, and theft.

This agency has got you covered throughout your study year and will ensure you enjoy the best during and after your trip.


4. Seven Corners

There are several travel insurance plans offered by this agency that students will find convenient. But regardless of these numerous travel plans, Liaison Student Plan is the best for students.

The liaison student plan is ideal for full-time students, faculty members as well as their families. The plan has an age range between 12 and 65 years. It is important to note that the liaison student travel insurance plan covers trips outside of the US only for US citizens while for non-US citizens it covers trips to and from the US. There are also more benefits attached to this plan ranging from medical coverage to travel assistance.


5. International Students Protection (ISP)

The international student protection scheme basically has two distinctive categories designed to meet the needs of students. The first category is for international students and the second is strictly for scholars undertaking a study program in the US.

International students can apply for any of the following insurance plans under this scheme:

  • Patriot Exchange Plan – duration ranges from one month to four years
  • Trailblazers Student Plan – unlimited duration
  • Pioneer Sports Plan – ideal for short travels lasting between 5 days to 2 years (medical insurance inclusive)
  • Patriot Plans CPT – same benefits as the pioneer sports plan

Tips On How To Choose The Right Student Travel Insurance

  • Understand and outline the kind of insurance coverage you will need as a student studying abroad
  • How long will your trip last? Having an idea of your trip’s length will help you choose the right insurance plan
  • Compare insurance quotes to see the one that meets your needs

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