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Importance of Insurance


Aug 22, 2020

The importance of insurance.

Going to insurance as someone seeking a job is not easy. getting people to buy your insurance products is another hassle on its own. Generally selling anything can be tough.

Starting off as an insurance sale man was pretty much hard. the worst part of it is selling it to people who do not care or have no knowledge about insurance and how it works. i most times avoid crowded places to avoid being embarrassed by people. so i tend to visit small shops to market my insurance products to them.

When people don’t have the knowledge of what you are selling, I believe the best thing is to listen and hear what the seller has to say, but some people won’t.

In this post I will be listing out the importance of insurance and why you should have an insurance policy for yourself and loved ones.


Let me give an example. let’s say you bought a new car, and you will be driving this car to work every day. now we don’t pray for anything bad to happen but a reckless driver could hit you and damage something in your car that is beyond repair. now that’s when an insurance company, comes in.

If you have an insurance policy with an insurance company, it will be their duty to repair the cat without you paying a dime. but if you don’t have an insurance policy, you will have to pay for the damage with your own money. That’s the simplest way I can define what insurance is. it works with anything that involves risk.

insurance protects you from risk. whether financial or non-financial, its good to have an insurance policy.

there are diferent types of insurance policy. They are as follows;

  • Health insurance
  • School insurance
  • Car insurance.
  • Financial insurance
  • Loan insurance.
  • Life insurance 

It’s important to get yourself and your family insured because no one knows tomorrow. Insurance saves a lot of damages

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