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Top secret rule of investing your money


Aug 18, 2020

In this post, I will tell you ways in which you can invest your money and never go broke.

This is a topic that will never be thought in school or any institution. Schools don’t teach you how to make money. They only prepare you for a degree which you can use to work for someone and make money.

No one gets so reach working for other people. I mean the billionaire i know of doesn’t work for anyone. They are more business people who invest their money wisely.

Truth is that you cant be financially free if you don’t invest your money wisely. so you need to invest your money from time to time to be able to reach your financial goal.

I have seen a lot of people win millions from betting and other lottery evens and after some years you see them broke again. This happens when you don’t have a money management plan.

This is a situation of getting rich overnight and getting poor overnight. Most people’s nightmare. If you do not know how to use your money wisely, I will advise you to get a financial advisor who can tell you what to do with your money so you don’t go broke again.

Most people will see hiring a financial advisory as very expensive but in the long run, these are people who are experienced and will help you manage your money.


An important rule to investing is never to lose your capital in the process. NEVER EVER.

Because the main reason for investing is to grow your capital and be wealthy in the process. some people feel when they gamble they are investing. NO!, That is not investing and you are most likely to lose all your money and even your capital in the process of gambling.

That’s why I always people before you go into any form of investment, make sure it has a good cash flow on a monthly basis or even yearly depending on the type of investment.

Let me tell you something, Opening a business is an investment. Yes! choose your business wisely so you can have a good amount of cash flow coming in. whether its buying and selling of goods or fishing, etc

Even investing in a career is regarded as an investment. although it might take longer to start seeing results. as long as you have a good knowledge of such businesses you are good to go.

In conclusion, you need to have first-hand information about any investment you want to go into. Some of your family members can come up with an idea and you feel you should go into it because its someone you know. Never make that mistake. Go online and do research about such investment and be sure you are doing the right things so you don’t lose your money.

Transportation business is a very good and lucrative business you can invest your money in.

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