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Strategies to help you make more sales for your business


Aug 18, 2020

The number one strategy to help you make more sales in your business is to create an online presence. When people decide to go into business, they hope to make money (profit). 

Selling your products physically to customers is not enough to drive more sales for your business. you need to create an online platform where you can get more customers and drive more sales. 


Since this COVID 19. the need to put your products online has become a thing for most businesses. Its been very challenging for mist business as this COVID 19 has affected a lot of businesses negatively.

Especially new businesses just coming up. marketing these products will be very difficult as people are likely not to show interest.

I know a lot of people have tried different ways to increase the sales of their product but have not been successful. Truth is you may or have a very good product that may people are likely to buy but you don’t know how t locate such people. This means your product vis lacking visibility, meaning they are not positioned in a place where those who actually need them can see them and buy.

This strategy am about to tell you will help your business. 

– You will need to partner with another business that sells similar products to help you in advertising your product.

– You can join Facebook groups and share images of the products you sell.

-You can run paid adverts and focus on targeted customers. this will require you to pay money for the advert.

– You can join a forum of similar products and advertise for free there without spamming.

– You can partner with shop owners and create a space for your business to be displayed in their shop. if sales a made, a percentage will be paid to you as agreed in the contract.

– You can approach social media influencers to help you advertise your products to their audience.  please note that he/she must have a good number of followers to enable you to make sales.

– You can talk to friends and family to help you advertise your product on their social media handles.

– You can reach out to blog owners that have a good number of traffic coming to their blogs on a daily basis. for example the like of lindaikejiblog.com, netnaija.com, and so many others.

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