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Digital marketing mistakes affecting your return on investment (ROI)


Aug 17, 2020

Digital marketing mistakes affecting your return on investment (ROI)

A lot of business owner has been left wondering why their campaigns don’t convert. They spend thousands of money running campaigns for their business but they don’t make any profit or the conversation rate is below average.

In this article, I will be showing you what you are doing wrong and how to avoid wasting your money.


Your business must have a clear marketing goal on what it wants to achieve. A lot of business only focus on the digital aspects and forget about the marketing part of the campaign. For example, if you want to collect emails of a lot of people from your campaign and later send them emails. Then all you have to do is to create a landing page that would be able to collect the emails of as many people as possible that subscribes. This process has a very high rate of conversion. There are a lot of tutorials for you to get started.


When a business creates a product, it creates it for a particular audience. The problem with most business is that they don’t know their audience and when they run a campaign,  they pick the wrong audience and this makes no returns. This makes the business owners worried about what they are doing wrong. Knowing your audience will help your conversation rate to go high.


When you run a campaign for your new product, it’s always advisable to focus on getting back your customers. Email marketing is your best bet for this process. When starting a campaign, make sure you focus on how making your customers return. Not just visiting the site and leaving. Make them come back to check for new products.

In conclusion, I will say before launching a product, define your marketing goals so you can have a good return on investment.

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