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Money mistakes you must avoid.


Aug 15, 2020 ,

Money matters are something I like to talk about. There are a lot of people who have made money mistakes and has affected their financial lives negatively.

Truth is that most money mistakes have been done by ignorance. without taking caution.

I’m about to tell you Money mistakes which you are likely to stop you from having financial freedom.

I will suggest you take this information very serious. 

Number one reason why you may not have financial freedom is that you don’t save.

I will like to let you know that SAVINGS is very important as far as personal finance is concerned. When you have a certain amount of money you have saved, you can go ahead and invest the money. by investing this money into something that will yield your interest. THIS MEANS MORE MONEY. This means soon you are going to be a good money manager.

While trying to have a stable income and be financially free, you will have an interest in getting more information on how well to spend and save your money. you will be interested in reading books concerning savings.

to be honest with you Money Management is one of the most difficult things to do.

I remembered when I was much younger, I used to say, I will save $100 every month. at the end of each month, I realised that I spend more than i save and i find it really difficult to save up $20.

After some time i had no choice but to discipline myself to save. I finally decided to save $200 monthly and i did. Truth is if you are able to discipline yourself to save, you will eventually form the habit of savings. 

Another money mistake you need to avoid is investing in the wrong business. This act can ruin your financial lie for a very long time and drive you into poverty which I’m sure its something you don’t want to experience. 

Unfortunately, when you don’t have the right knowledge, Money management will be impossible to achieve and most people are looking for fast money and easy way out of being broke but these things require knowledge and understanding.

Finally, to avoid money mistake you must have a totally understanding of Money Mangement. let your saving be more than your expenses.

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