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Importance of testimonials for any business


Aug 15, 2020

Importance of testimonials for any business 

It’s no longer news that testimonials are likely to boost the success of many businesses. Many product and services are bought mostly because it has good reviews (testimonials) 

When people buy your product and enjoyed it, they will most definitely give an excellent review of the product. If it’s a bad one, the product gets bad reviews. It’s important to give high attention to the kind of product you produce. Make sure it’s of good quality.

A single bad review can spoil your business. Although most people are likely not to like your product even if it seems good. Make sure you don’t allow the bad customer to spoil your business. I can assure you some of the people that drop bad reviews are likely to be your competitors. 

It’s maybe hard to believe it but it’s TRUE. When a potential customer sees that review he is likely not to purchase from you and might discourage others from buying.

When a customer buys from you, make sure to follow up with the customer. You can also do a survey on the products to get feedback on how customers feel about your product. Always ask them to leave a review under the product to encourage others to buy.

If you haven’t been requesting your customers to drop a survey, it’s not too late. if you have their emails or contact, you can contact them with a note asking them to drop a review for you. Not everyone will reply but the few that does can be very helpful.

You can post his reviews on your websites or social media handle for prospective customers to see. Make it a point of duty to request for a review from any customer that buy your products.

This is a good strategy that can grow your customer base

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