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Business growth guide for every beginner

Strategies to help you grow your sales


Jul 13, 2020


The most important achievement for any business is to make sales. Profit is the sole aim why most people go into business. Any business not making a profit is not doing business.

Most companies hire sales representatives to market their product or they more customers to buy their product.  When a business starts, some people turn down their product and refuse to buy. 

Like I always tell some business owner, try and give out these products for free. So people can see what’s it’s like before they can decide to buy. It’s very important for a new business to bring their business online to be able to attract more customers.

Once your business is online, make sure to sign up to social media such as Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and its likes. Once your brand has visibility, people will be aware of your business.

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Even if your business has a very good product and lacks visibility no one will buy the product.


  • Set up a social media handle for your business. Such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp business, TikTok and its likes. There are billions of people over the internet searching for something that would benefit them. Let your product be that.
  • Create a Blog and post regularly. Tell people what they can gain by buying your products.
  • Contact influencers. These are people that have a lot of followers and can motivate people to buy your products.
  • Offer your product for free. Let people take or try your product so they can decide whether to buy it or not.
  • Offer an affiliate program for people to refer your product or services. When people refer your product, they get paid s commission. This is a very good way to increase your sales.

If your business doesn’t have visibility you wont make sales and your product will keep struggling.

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