Smart ways to deal with difficult people at work


When you start a job and begin to work with different people, you will surely meet people with different characters. People can be very difficult to work with and you are sure going to experience that.

If you are the CEO of your company, you will have to handle a lot of people who are likely not to have or understand what work ethics are. It’s your job to keep aside this difference from your employees and work on growing your company. However, you can hold training from time to time to teach your staff good work ethics.

Difficult people posses the following behavior 

  • Sarcastic people have aggressive behaviour.
  • Silent people don’t speak out. They keep to themselves and say nothing about a situation.
  • Over-expressive kind: they speak anytime, anywhere.
  • Stubborn kind: This type of people works in their own style. They hate to be corrected and believe what they do is right.
  • Gossips: They are good at spreading new whether good or bad
  • Excuse givers: They would rather make excuses than finished the work given to them.

Difficult people will always be difficult to handle the best thing is to protect yourself from their negativity 

Ways you can protect yourself from difficult people. 

  • Make sure to have a boundary between you and anyone in your workplace. Let them know what you can take and cannot take from them. Respect yourself and don’t say too much. Distance yourself from them and  always stay professional
  • If there is an argument or a problem to be solved, try to bring a solution to the issue and overlook people behaviour. When in a workplace don’t take things personally. Learn to have a thick skin.
  • Have a support system. No man is an island for himself. You need to create a team that you trust. So you can look up to them when there is an issue to be solved. 
  • If someone hurts you, never stay angry. Forgive but don’t forget. So you don’t have to fall into their trap. Learn from what they did to you and adjust so it doesn’t repeat itself.

To have peace of mind, have thick skin and don’t let peoples behaviour define you.

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