Tuition Fee And Cost Of Living As A Student In Malaysia

Tuition Fee And Cost Of Living As A Student In Malaysia

Moving to Malaysia as an international student to study is one key way to boost your academic career. Whether it’s a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree you seek, Malaysian universities will exceed your expectations. The universities in Malaysia are internationally recognized and ranks as one of the best universities in the world to study.

Aside from the excellent educational system of the country, the country still stands as one of the most beautiful countries in the world with beautiful landscapes, beaches, and a lot of wildlife that international students will find very fascinating.

Malaysia is a very peaceful country with a very low cost of living. Studying in Malaysia Is very affordable compared to most universities in the world. Details of the cost of living and studying in Malaysia are highlighted below.


Tuition fees for Malaysian universities

As earlier pointed out, if you are going to study in Malaysia for a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree, there are lots of Malaysian universities you can apply to and get the best quality education there is. The tuition fees for these programs are different across each university but are very affordable regardless.

Public universities estimated tuition fees per annumĀ 

  • Bachelor’s program: 2000 – 4500 EUR
  • Master’s program: 500 – 4,000 EUR
  • Medical programs: 27,000 EUR

Private universities estimated tuition fees per annum

  • Bachelor’s program: 1350 – 9,300 EUR
  • Master’s program: 1500 – 3,000 EUR
  • Medical programs: 20,000 EUR


Student Cost of Living in Malaysia

Living as a student, you will be required to draft a suiting budget so as not to incur extra charges that might complicate your living cost. Generally, things are quite affordable in Malaysia, but you still need to follow your budget. On average, students living in Malaysia should budget between 450 and 800 EUR per month.


Accommodation Cost

Accommodation is one critical factor that international students who wish to move to Malaysia must consider. Basically, there are two forms of accommodation for students in Malaysia.

  • University dormitory: you can decide to live in the university dormitory until you settle in properly before moving or you could stay there and see out your study program. The cost of staying in the university dormitory is between 65 and 255 EUR per month. One importance of staying in the university dormitory is that you get to receive information firsthand and connect easily with other students.
  • Off-camp apartment: most international students may wish to live outside of the university’s dormitory which is not uncommon. The price for renting an apartment is not stable. Very often it goes higher than expected especially if you are looking to stay close to the city. One way to reduce the price is to share the apartment with friends or other students. The price can go from 80 – 680 EUR per month or even higher. This fee does not cover monthly utility bills which are usually around 40 -70 EUR per month.


Food Cost

The t of most food items in Malaysia are very affordable. As an international student, it is only right that you explore food options that are convenient to you. If you cook your meals by yourself, you are likely to spend less compared to students who prefer eating in restaurants. The average food cost should be between 200 and 350 EUR.


Transportation Cost

The transportation systems in Malaysia are very convenient. One can navigate the country easily. As an international student, you should consider taking public transport. For one, the cost is very affordable and convenient compared to renting a car. A trip is usually 0.80 EUR. You can get a monthly transportation pass for just 20 EUR.

International students can utilize the tours offered by universities in the country to get to know important places in the country. This tour comes at no cost for the students.



Malaysia is a beautiful country with lots of amazing sites. International students in the country must see that they can afford some luxuries before participating. Also, it is important that you get health insurance while in the country in case of emergency.

Notable Miscellaneous

Estimated average entertainment cost: 30 – 70 EUR/month

The estimated average cost for private health insurance: 70 – 90 EUR

Visa and iKad fee: 200 EUR.


Scholarship programs

The Malaysian government seeks to encourage top talents across the world. There are so many international scholarship programs offered by Malaysian universities to foreign students.

International students seeking to continue their studies in Malaysia can explore this platform by visiting the official website of the Malaysian universities for more information.

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