10 Things You Should Know About Denmark

10 Things You Should Know About Denmark

Denmark is a lovely country located in North Europe. This country has fascinating islands and beautiful natural resources that has become a source of attraction for most tourist visiting the country. There is so much about this country that most people do not know about.

Below are some very important things you know about Denmark especially if you fancy visiting the country one day.


  1. World’s Happiest Country 

Denmark is a beautiful place to live in. Expatriates who are looking for a calm and peaceful country to live in should consider going to Denmark. This country has a unique social security system that helps them control inequality in the country thereby giving every citizen an equal chance to voice their opinions on matters without fear of negligence. According to the World Happiness report in 2016, Denmark emerged as the happiest country in the world.


  1. Made of Archipelago

This beautiful country is made up of over 100 islands, each having unique beauty and an enthralling atmosphere. Its capital city Copenhagen is located on the country’s largest island, New Zealand. Across the entire country, you can never stray beyond 30 miles from the beach.


  1. Cold Hawaii

Cold Hawaii is a popular name among the locals that the famous town of Klitmoller in the northern part of the country has been dubbed, largely because of its suitable location for windsurfing and surfing. This town has less than 1000 people residing in it and usually plays host to the annual Wave Performance Championship in the country.


  1. No “Please”

You will find something strange about the Danes when you communicate with them, especially in the English language. They are often not given to using the words “please” or “thank you.” This is not because they are rude people, but because there is no word for “please” or “thank you.” So, you should familiarize yourself with this concept before moving to Tue country.


  1. More Bikes Than Cars

Denmark is one of the countries in the world with a high percentage of bike users. The country has twice as many bikes as cars in the country. According to statistics, there are about 4.2 million bikes and only 1.8 million cars in the country.


  1. Legos 

The popular word LEGO originated in Denmark. It was coined from the Danish words ” leg godt” which translates simply as “play well” in the English language. The company in charge was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen and is one of the largest factories in Billund, Denmark.


  1. Huge Food Exporter 

Denmark is one of the largest exporters of food across the world. Not limited by its geographical landmass or landscapes, the country is one of the largest producers and exporters of wheat, barley, pork, and dairy products. England has been one of their favorite customers with much of the country’s bacon coming from Denmark. This trade relationship goes way back to 1867.


  1. Oldest Flag

The Danish flag is by far one of the oldest flags in the world. Its design is believed to be an alteration in a crusader’s banner that had a red cross on a white background. This Danish flag has been adopted since 1219.


  1. Walt Disney Inspiration 

The Copenhagen theme park is believed to have inspired the famous Walt Disney Theme parks. The resemblance is striking that one has only got to look at both pictures to see the level of influence.


  1. More Austrian Than Danish

The famous Danish pastry was created by Austrians who had replaced the Danish workers in the country after they went on strike in the 1870s. This replacement led to the making of the famous Viennese bread that the Danes still refer to as Weiner brød.

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