10 Cheapest Countries To Study And Work

10 Cheapest Countries To Study and Work 

Going abroad to study and work are some of the many dreams people hold dearly across the world. The need for a better life, as well as an academic boost, has forced many international students to journey to different countries to get the best they can from other countries.

Some very important factors that you must consider as an international student going abroad to study are tuition fees, cost of living, and the possibility of you getting a work permit even as a student.

Some countries frown at letting students work during their study programs, they believe students should commit their time to study and improve their knowledge. Some other countries give work permits to students on the condition that they will follow certain rules and meet the needed requirements. Some of these rules and requirements are sometimes frustrating for some international students as oftentimes before they meet all the requirements a large part of their study period would have been spent.

Nevertheless, there are so many countries in the world that provide students with the opportunity to work within stipulated hours and get paid on an hourly basis. Again, there are lots of scholarship programs aimed at helping international students provide financially for themselves even while studying.

Provided one is not extravagant, it is quite easy to navigate through the cost of their study while studying abroad. Below are some countries where students can study and work.


1. Germany

Germany is a friendly country with an enabling environment for people of all races. Germany has over the years gained the attention of international students given its no tuition fee for undergraduate and Ph.D. courses in some of its states. This development has prompted many international students to move to the country.

Again, Germany has a student-friendly environment that allows students to work even while studying. On average, students are allowed a total of 90 days in a calendar year having met the relevant requirements. Payments are made hourly and students can use this money to take care of some of their needs.


2. Poland

Poland is one of the finest places to study in Europe. The country is home to some of the finest universities in the world and has an excellent educational system that will meet the expectations of international students going to the country. Tuition fee for study programs in Poland is very affordable. The general cost of living in Poland is very affordable compared to most countries in Europe. Poland allows students to work having met the stipulated requirements for a work permit. Students can work for 20 hours per week during school sessions and full-time during school breaks.


3. South Africa

South Africa has a fast-growing economy that is gradually gaining the attention of the world. This country is beautiful and has a very rich history that international students will find very interesting. The educational system of this country is excellent and students from across the world go there to study. The cost of living there is very affordable same as the tuition fee. Students in this country can study and work when they meet all the requirements for a work permit. The allocated time for weekly duties is 20 hours and you can work on-campus or off-campus.


4. Taiwan

Taiwan I’d one of the most preferred destinations of study for most students given the low cost of living and affordable tuition fees. This beautiful Asian country has some of the cheapest universities in the world with an excellent system of education. As an international student in Taiwan, you can get the opportunity to work when you meet the work permit requirements. This permit allows you to 20 hours per week throughout your study period.


5. Lithuania

Lithuania is a beautiful European city with amazing culture and rich history. This country is one of the best places to study as the tuition fees are very affordable and students get to work once they meet the requirements for a work permit. The allowed work time is 20 hours per week when school is in session and full-time during school breaks. There are amazing study programs in this country and the English language is the official language.


6. Malaysia

This beautiful Southeast Asian country is a lovely place to study for international students. This country has high regard for education and offers top talents the opportunity to work for the country after graduation. Malaysia has so many universities affiliated with most institutions in the UK. The English language is commonly spoken in this country aside from the country’s official language- Bahasa Malaysia. The cost of living in this country is very affordable. As an international student, you can work after meeting the work permit requirements. The time allocated to working students is 20 hours per week.


7. Argentina

Argentina is a beautiful country in South America. The second-largest country on the continent with an excellent educational system. Students in Argentina can work with no specified work duration provided it does not affect their studies. To work in Argentina, you must possess a valid student visa and meet all the requirements for a work permit.


8. Belgium

Belgium has one of the finest educational systems in Europe. The tuition fee of their study programs are very affordable and the country offers thrilling experiences to international students coming into the country. To work as a student in Belgium you must possess the right documents and abide by the stipulated rules. Students can only work for 20 hours per week when school is in session and full-time during school breaks.


9. Vietnam

This fascinating country with beautiful landscapes and lovely tourist sites is one of the affordable places that international students will find very interesting. This country is multicultural and has a very rich history. You can work in this country as a student when you meet the requirements for a work permit.


10. Thailand

Thailand is a great place to study, though not very popular amongst students. The country has since improved tremendously in its educational system. The cost of living in Thailand is very affordable and the country has so many interesting places for students to explore. Students will find this country to be very lovely. Students who wish to work are granted permission by the Royal Ministry of Labor after meeting the requirements.

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